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Build Long Lasting Customer Relationships

Contact management is easy with Luxor CRM’s flexible features that allow you to track, manage and share vital customer information in one central database.  Record and associate important meetings, calls, emails and to-dos with a designated contact and create a clear, consistent view of your customer relationships.

Use Luxor CRM’s Contact Manager to:

  • Capture all information and activities associated with each contact for quick and easy retrieval
  • Share customer information with other authorized users to enhance relationship building
  • Associate specific contacts with related organizations and opportunities
  • Automatically assign contacts to specific members of your sales force
  • Personalize the way you view contact information by using an unlimited number of fields to view, search, and sort on
  • Access and update contact records while out of the office using Luxor CRM on your mobile device


  • Build profitable, long-term relationships with access to complete customer history
  • Manage an unlimited number of contacts and organize them using a variety of your own custom fields, such as industry or area code
  • Maintain data integrity with mandatory fields and duplicate record checking

Contact Management with Luxor CRM

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Customer Testimonial

"Luxor CRM met our needs perfectly,
and was so easy to use and integrate
with other applications. Processes that
used to take days are now completed
with the press of a button."

Robert Miskura
VP and Chief Financial Officer
Marts & Lundy



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