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Secure Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Managing your customer relationships is one thing, but ensuring their utmost satisfaction is another and that’s precisely what Luxor CRM empowers your business to do. Luxor CRM’s support features will help your business effectively manage all customer support requests and concerns to increase productivity and strengthen customer loyalty.

Use Luxor CRM’s Customer Service & Support to:

  • Create customized service processes based on company procedures
  • Automate the capture, coordination and resolution of customer support requests
  • Convert support emails into unique support tickets that are associated with a specific contact or organization record
  • Set up automatic notifications to pre-specified users for untouched requests
  • Monitor your team’s response time and effectiveness with real-time reports


  • Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Streamline customer support process
  • Gain visibility into your team’s customer service performance

Customer Service & Support with Luxor CRM

Schedule a demo and see for yourself how Luxor CRM will help improve your customer support and satisfaction.


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