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Secure Your CRM Data

Luxor CRM offers your business a suite of security features ensuring your data is kept in the right hands. Whether customizing your security settings for specific roles or groups, Luxor CRM allows you to control the access rights of users for all fields, records and modules.

Use Luxor CRM’s Security Options to:

  • Control administrative and module-level access permissions
  • Create role-based security control based on a multi-level organizational hierarchy
  • Create group-based security control for individuals under same role, working on same project or sharing data

A View of Security Groups in Luxor CRM

Luxor CRM offers a unique KPI measurement tool, whereby you define your own performance indicators and determine how they will be measured and evaluated. Set specific KPI targets and assess your team’s individual performance with real-time reporting and customizable dashboards.


Secure Data Hosting with Luxor CRM


We Guarantee:

  • Highest tier data center (3 internet backbone connections, 2 different power grids, bomb-proof, 24/7 security guard)
  • Fully dedicated resources (bandwidth and CPUs) so Luxor CRM’s performance doesn’t get affected whether there’s 300 or 3000 users logged into the system simultaneously
  • 24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring ensuring that an issue gets resolved before it becomes a problem

Learn more about Luxor CRM’s Security features by contacting us today!


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