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What We Offer

At Luxor CRM, we take responsibility for the success of your CRM deployment and boast a success rate among the highest in the industry. We’ve achieved this by applying our proven 5 Step Implementation Process:

1. Requirements and Expectations Analysis

Before we begin any implementation, we conduct a thorough requirements and expectations assessment to ensure we completely understand your objectives, processes, and users. In addition to matching your needs to the capabilities and features of Luxor CRM, we’re also attentive to how we can best measure if the solution meets your expectations.

2. Documentation of CRM Strategy

Based on the information gathered during the requirements and expectations stage, we create a project plan and complete CRM strategy, outlining the schedule and milestones required to meet your specific needs and user acceptance.

3. Deployment and Set-Up

Upon sign-off of the project plan and strategy, we set up Luxor CRM to match your specific requirements. Luxor CRM’s user-friendly and intuitive interface enables users to start using the application within days of deployment.

4. Data Migration

During the set-up stage, we will perform complete data migration from any pre-existing CRM application or any other database. Luxor CRM is compatible with a variety of file formats ensuring that data migration is a simple and quick process.

5. Hands-On CRM Training

In order to reap the full benefit of using Luxor CRM, we believe in making every user an expert. With that being said, we offer hands-on CRM training. Your business can choose the number of days and extent of training based upon your user’s previous experience and CRM knowledge.

What Happens Next?

Once deployed, we continue to follow up with you, assessing the effectiveness of Luxor CRM in meeting your requirements, making adjustments when necessary, and where possible, helping expand its use in your organization.

For more details on what we offer with Luxor CRM contact us today!

Why Luxor CRM?


Customer Testimonial

"We were particularly pleased with Luxor's CRM flexibility. Unlike other Solutions, Luxor CRM could adapt to the specific nature of how we do business"

Daria Fratino
Market Intelligence Manager
Aveos Fleet Performance Inc



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